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Student Group Packages

We specialize in customized educational tours in many areas of interest, from music and language to agriculture and sports.

Our student trips and vacations cater to high school students, university field courses, and graduate researchers.


Our student packages offer valuable learning experiences and enjoyment through various activities like wildlife safaris, trekking, boating and canoeing, cultural and historical tours, local home stays, agriculture, and volunteering.


Our team of professional guides are accustomed to exposing students to new situations which help to build confidence in young people.


Cultural Experience with the Maasai Tribe

During a morning walk through the village, the Maasai guide explains the current life, history, and situation of the Tanzanian Maasai. Learn more about the culinary culture of the Maasai and enjoy a traditional meal prepared on the wood fire for lunch.

The afternoon begins with an exciting and educational walking tour in the nature surrounding the village (“safari in the bush”). Maasai warriors will guide you along their usual trails and introduce traditional medicinal plants and uses, extraordinary trees, herd tracking, and local wildlife. In addition, learn about local tools, hunting techniques, and fire preparation.

Take a break accompanied by freshly brewed coffee and cake. At sunset, a group of Maasai men and woman will gather around for traditional singing and dancing. A spread of barbecue buffet will follow the fire gathering under the starry sky.

Hadzabe and Datoga cultural Tour lake ey

Cultural Experience with Hadzabe and Datoga Tribes

Lake Eyasi region provides a cultural program on the Hadzabe and Datoga tribal bushmen.

Being there in the morning will grant you an opportunity to participate in their early morning interactive activities including bush trek, hunting, and making a campfire. Other activities that are done during the day are tribal chanting, dancing, honey gathering, baobab fruit foraging and experiencing their daily life, unchanged for millennia as they are the last tribe to continue in the ways of their ancestors.

Later in the day, we will drive back to the village to meet Datoga people, another indigenous tribe found in the area. Datogas are skilled farmers and livestock keepers. Their main activities are forging knives, arrowheads and jewelry for the greater Datoga tribe and for the other Bushmen.

Serengeti national park 7.jpeg

Safari Program in Northern Tanzania

As a tour company specializing in nature travel, we can customized excellent student group tours through Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Tarangire National Park, Lake Manyara National Park, and Arusha National Park (Mount Meru). Through our extensive network, we can also arrange for partnerships for conservation and cultural research in all regions of Tanzania.

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