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Delve into the rural life of modern day Tanzania through the lens of agriculture.

Kaima Tanzania is a non-governmental organization working to transform the lives of youth and rural communities in Tanzania by encouraging their participation in sustainable agriculture and other vocational trainings. Currently the organization is developing a youth village and active organic farm in Irunda village in the Sengerema District of Mwanza Region in northwest Tanzania.

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We have volunteer opportunities at Kaima youth village in Mwanza Lake Region.

Given its vision and mission, the organization provides many opportunities for those wishing to come to the village and work as volunteers in such areas as agro-tourism, training, and research.

Both day visits and longer term arrangements can be made.

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Coffee Production

Take the coffee cultural tour at the base of Mount Meru.

Visit a local coffee plantation in the foothills of the second highest mountain in Tanzania. It’s an active volcano and sacred site. You will learn about coffee beans, local preparations, and taste our coffee varieties.

The tour includes mineral water, a local guide, lunch box and coffee, of course.

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Banana & Beekeeping

Tour the agricultural enterprises on the banks of the river in Arusha region.

The lush region cultivates many varieties of bananas.

Local beekeeping can be toured at river Malala and traditional methods of honey extraction and uses will be discussed with the beekeepers.

These tours are a ripe environment to talk about the history of agriculture- both conventional, traditional, and sustainable methods- practiced in Tanzania.

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