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Travelers Writing About Us


Donna Easton, Australia

“True local experience, customized if you want, great value, very friendly service – what more could you want?!”

Rami Cohen-Smali, Israel

Like family, the driver, and owner of the company. Everything you dreamed of on a safari trip in one place. Highly recommended.

Yehuda Amir, Israel

It’s been so wonderful to touch the land of Mt Kilimanjaro and the roof of Africa.

Lorie Holt Murphy, USA

Daniel is what has made our trip so amazing. He provided an exceptional adventure for us. We look forward to returning and booking our needs through him. Very highly recommended.

Zoe Mason

My experience volunteering at Kaima Tanzania was full of joy for the people I met and the good food I enjoyed. I’ll be back soon!

Ori Mey-Raz, Israel

Tanzania is not only a Safari. With Daniel Joachim you will see a lot of other things like the local culture, the people, the food, and the smell of the markets. I traveled two weeks with Daniel (a week in Arusha area and a week in west-north Tanzania, Mwanza). It was wonderful.

Featured in The Citizen newspaper

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